Chronic Patients

Why I give higher priority to Chronic Patients?

The primarily decision to focus on chronic patients was based on 2 assumptions which formed the basis for the research program:

Scientific: Follow up on soldiers who came to the clinic of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) during their first month the tinnitus outbreak, showed that 85% of them recovered spontaneously within 6 months without any medical intervention.
It means that in many of the new patients there is no need for treatment.

Humane: Many of the chronic patients are exhausted from continuous struggle with severe illness and are frustrated by their inability to find effective treatment.

Do you treat acute patients?

I enable the patient to make the decision based on his or her intuition. Acute patient who suffer very much and can not wait any longer, do not have to wait 6 months in order to see if the tinnitus or vertigo is cured spontaneously. The patient can contact me as soon as possible.

Vertigo, Dizziness and Meniere's Disease

At the beginning I treated only tinnitus sufferers. From 1990, following new medical findings, I am also treating patients with Vertigo, Dizziness and Meniere's disease.

Psychological support-is it part of the treatment?

The loss of psychological energy may be due to the medical condition as well as the pessimistic message that various specialists are sending.

Psychological support is an important component of the treatment. It is very important to establish a therapeutic alliance with every patient. In the clinic I do not have an "Interesting case of ear with Tinnitus or Vertigo". I have brave people who struggled with their severe medical condition.

I am doing a lot of effort to give the patient psychological support in order to help him/her to overcome the time that is left until the end of the medical treatment. Patients who are under my care can call me directly via my personal cell phone and ask any question regarding their medical condition and the treatment.